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The Michel Thomas Language Centers

In September 1947, after he arrived in America to build a new life, Michel founded the Polyglot Institute on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, which was the precursor of the Michel Thomas Language Centers. Today, Michelís language centers operate in New York, Beverly Hills and London.

Michelís language teaching method is unique and extraordinarily effective. His method does not involve taking notes or memorizing grammar and vocabulary, and anyone, including so-called ěhopeless casesî, can learn a language with him or one of his trained instructors. Michelís skill lies in the way in which he strips the language to its essential components, builds the studentís confidence in what they may already know of the language, and guides them through the learning process rapidly and intensively. The result is that after just eight hours of instruction a beginner has a practical and functional use of the spoken language.

Michel himself believes that his learning process is not only effortless but fun. He has successfully taught ghetto children and, in 1997, a group of sixteen-year-olds in north London who had been told they could never learn a language. His celebrity clients have included - to name just some - Grace Kelly, Anne Bancroft, Mel Gibson, Donald Sutherland, Emma Thompson, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Barbra Streisand, and a host of senior American business leaders, diplomats, dignitaries and academics.

Today, Michel Thomas' 8-hour language teaching courses are available on tape and CD to everyone and can be found in bookshops in several countries (Hodder & Stoughton). Remarkably, in Great Britain they are now the best-selling language courses. Michel Thomas has become the most famous master language teacher in the world.


Michel standing in front of the photos of many of the celebrities he has taught languages in his office in New York.


Students from the City and Islingto Sixth Form Centre, North London with Michel. A BBC documentary film recorded their progress when they were taught French in five days.